About Webnox

Established in 1999 as a web research and development company, Webnox Corp. has evolved into an incubator for web businesses. We specialize in taking websites from the startup phase and grow them into a profitable businesses. Webnox Corp. currently operates and manages a network of dozens of online businesses.


Webnox Corp. has offices located at the prestigious Constitution Square building in downtown Ottawa, Canada. The company consists of a small core team of professionals who manage the different projects, employing specialized consultants worldwide to complete the work in an efficient and timely fashion.


Webnox Corp.'s vision for the web is one where everyone has easy access to all the tools needed to showcase and promote services and products. The web, in this case, is a flat environment where an average user has the same opportunities available to large companies and can compete with them on the same level. If Joe wants to sell his car, then he should have the same chance of selling it online as any other user or company, regardless of how good he is at building a fancy website or how much money he can spend on advertising his car.


Webnox Corp.'s values define the company's relationship with clients, partners, and employees. Any company wishing to do business with Webnox Corp. and any individual wishing to work for Webnox Corp. is expected to realize and abide by the following set of values:

  • Innovation: Innovation, research, and development are the foundation of the company. We will strive to remain on the leading edge of technology, and provide our clients with innovative and unique solutions which they cannot find elsewhere.
  • Commitment: Webnox Corp. is committed to providing its clients with the best service it can, its partners with the best affiliation it can, and its employees with the best opportunities it can. Likewise, Webnox Corp. expects a commitment from its partners to work towards success of the business venture, and a commitment from its employees to offer the best work they can.
  • Respect: Mutual respect is the cornerstone of any business. It is mutual respect that creates a good relationship between the employer and the employees, between managers and workers, amongst peers, between the business and its customers, between the business and its partners, and even between the business and its competitors.
  • Individuality: While Webnox Corp. acknowledges the value of teamwork in getting the work done, we also believe in and reward individual contribution. Great ideas come from individuals, and we encourage and support these ideas and help the individuals realize them.
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